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art for a cause

I use art as a transformational experience to explore issues that touch people's lives. The two projects below are examples of causes I believe in and have supported through my art.


Billboard design for Embracing our Differences, a community art program dedicated to educating and inspiring individuals to embrace diversity, respect differences and actively reject hatred and prejudice.

Absolute Hope: art for anya

Fundraiser painting benefiting child with lukemia.

where words and art traverse

Through my art, I like to explore the multitude of complex relationships that exist. Color and texture, light and darkness, words and images. The paintings below explore the connections and relationships that exist between poetry and art.


Inspired by the March for Our Lives Movement.

You were a boy

like my own

except a teen and not a tot

and at this young age

you carried with you

the voice of protest

and a sign that said "Enough"

neatly molded to your hands

I marveled at you

and your courage

Just what the world needs now

and in your eyes I see the future

and I vowed to walk by you

side by side.


disarm these arms

Disarm these arms

that tear us down

and kill and maim

and break cities down

Disarm these arms

that make widows and orphans

and fills folks

with fear

and pain

Disarm these arms

these arms that

never should have been

their creation an abomination

created to kill

conceived from hate

Disarm and transform

with your words

and deeds


a world

without these

instruments of hate.

Demand peace and hope

and vow today

that there will be

a next day.


wake up

Wake Up, Wake up

Don't put your head in the sand

to the troubles of the world

it's time to take a stand.

People of the world

look around

to the troubles of the world

all will not be fixed today

but we still can't look away

Get informed

reach out

lend a hand

take a stand

share your love

'cause every little bit counts

every drop 

of what you do today

it all multiplies

Wake up today

open your eyes

and tomorrow morning

do it again.


love moves

Love moves

all things

during the darkest of times

it switches our hearts

to peace.

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